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Nothing Else Matters

TITLE: Nothing Else Matters
PAIRING: Al x Martel (or Marta depending on anime vs. manga)
WARNINGS: Violence, language, sex and some fluff!
A/N: This is a gift for greedy_lover who loves this pairing. Although I am not sure if this pairing will end up in either of my other fics, however when I have an idea I run with it. SPOILERS for after series as it will not follow the series ending or what happened to Martel as well. As you can tell I do take requests for stories! Enjoy! Comments always welcomed!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own FMA or its character’s; this is purely for entertainment purposes and my thoughts from my own warped mind’s eye.

It had been five long years since he had regained his body back and had lived under the protective eye of Brigadier General Roy Mustang. When he was home in Central he lived with the general number one because he just liked the man and treated him like he was his own son and secondly because he was lonely without his lover, Edward.

Edward Elric, his older brother, had mysteriously disappeared over five years ago after the war with the homunculus regarding the philosopher’s stone that not only gave him back his life but also took away his brothers.

For years Alphonse had searched for Edward and remembered the loneliness and lost look the general always had that was until Al returned home. To Roy Mustang Alphonse was like a lost son and a part of his lost love. Alphonse never knew his real father and well the general made sure that Al had anything and everything he needed, wanted and desired. Which of course Alphonse never took advantage of except for the fact that their home had more than one stray kitten it had five.

Alphonse love Roy Mustang like a father and always thought of him as his “dad” and always had Roy’s constant attention. That is until his long lost brother had miraculously returned. Alphonse was not upset he was thrilled to have Edward back and he couldn’t remember when Roy was happier. Now it was his turn.

Alphonse had searched everywhere for her. He would not believe that she was gone. She had been inside him. He felt her heartbeat and felt her consume his entire being. She was beautiful and he wanted her ever since the day he saw her when he was stuck in that suit of armor. She had run and now that he was human he had to find her.

He traveled the familiar paths that he used to travel with his brother before Edward had disappeared. No matter where he went there was no sign of her anywhere. He remembered how devastated she was when Greed died. He was her savior but he was gone that was what Al wanted to be now HER savior.

He mentioned her several times to the general who understood his need and desire. He said he would do his best to help find her but he couldn’t guarantee anything. Right before Edward returned there was rumor of her to be in Youswell and Alphonse couldn’t wait to take the first train in search for her when Edward returned.
He feared if she was there she might have left but held onto his hope that she was still there.

She was beautiful and everything that Alphonse desired as just the thought of her stirred his insides as well as other parts of his anatomy.

He arrived in Youswell three weeks later searching every nook and cranny for her with no luck. She obviously had disappeared once again and he was back again at square one. He decided to call home and check in on the two lovebirds.


“Hi, um, its me Alphonse!”

“Alphonse my boy how was your trip?”

“It was ok, da um general.”

“Alphonse just because Edward is home doesn’t mean that things have to change between us you know that,” smiled the general.

“Thanks. Dad,” smiled Alphonse knowing he still had a part of Roy’s heart.

“There now that’s better my son,” smiled Roy. “So any luck finding your lady love?”

“No sir. She isn’t anywhere here in Youswell. So I guess I will come home now.”

“Well I know Edward as well as I would be delighted to have you home but I have another tip of a sighting in Xenotime. Would you be interested in extending your trip?”

“Are you kidding, where, when, what …”

“Alphonse calm down,” laughed Roy as he read him the report he had in front of him.

“Thank you so much,” smiled Al.

“Alphonse, I know you don’t want Edward to know about this but eventually you will have to tell him. Lucky for us I am at the office and he is busy at home doing who knows what. Let’s just say I hope we have a home when you get back,” laughed Roy.

“As long as Phoebe, Ciara, Sophie, Bella and Cassie are alive and well when I get home.”

“Oh the girls are all fine, as much as Edward bitches about them he has his harem around him all day, especially Phoebe. She just loves to play with Ed’s hair when it is in a ponytail. She drives him crazy but he likes it no matter what he says.”

“Thanks for watching them for me.”

“You just take care of yourself and be safe. I will wire you some money so you won’t be without and remember to call if you need anything.”

“I love you, dad,” smiled Alphonse.

“I love you too son,” smiled Roy hanging up the phone.


After another few days’ travel on the train to Xenotime Al found his butt to be extremely sore. He did enjoy the solitude of the train rides as it gave him lots of time to think and to remember, but didn’t do any justice for his sore ass.

He arrived in Xenotime almost midday to find it somewhat improved in the last five years but still a very empty and lonely town.

He went into the only inn and ordered something to eat and drink. Once he sat in a corner booth he couldn't believe his eyes when he looked up and found exactly what he had been searching for. She was still the same blonde beauty he had remembered her to be. He got up and walked to her table slowly, nervous not knowing what to say.


"Close but it’s Martel, who are you?"

"It's me Alphonse!"


"Well you probably don't recognize me not being in all that armor."

"That Alphonse! Oh fuck is this really you?"

"Yeah this is me for real."

"Well I must admit sailor you are a hell of a lot sexier than your brother was," she smiled making Alphonse blush.

"How old are you now kid?"

"I am not a kid anymore. I am eighteen now."

"Still younger than me but hey that's cool. Check out that long hair you have sailor. Just like your brother’s but sexier on you," winked Martel making Alphonse blush.

"Are you busy or with someone?"

"No, not at all. Why?”

“Well I, uh, just got in town on business, yes and ordered something to eat would you care to join me?”

“Sure. Where are you staying in this piece of shit town?"

"Nowhere yet."

"Good then you can stay with me if that's all right with you?"

"Yes it is thank you,” smiled Alphonse as they went back to his table.

“So tell me what brings you to this crappy place?” asked Martel lighting a cigarette.

“Business as usual, I am a state alchemist now.”

“So they suckered you in didn’t they?”

“No they didn’t, not really.”

“So how did you get your body back, the stone?”

“Yes about five years ago. It’s a long story …”

“I have time.”

“So do I,” smiled Alphonse as he began to tell her his story as he food arrived.


After lunch they went to her small apartment that was pretty bare. When they entered the place he noticed that she did in fact live alone.

"Do you entertain a lot or are you still hiding from the military?"

"I don't have any real friends anymore Alphonse, not since Greed died. The military fuck them, they haven't looked for me since Bradley was killed."

“What do you do here in Xenotime?”

“I work at the inn for now for some cash money till I have enough money to travel again.”

“Why do you feel the need to travel don’t you like it here?”

“Kid, I mean Al, I don’t have a home, family or friends so I just move as I like never staying in one place long enough to make any lasting connections.”

“Well you have me now, that is if you are interested.”

“Yeah you always were pretty cool and I like you,” smiled Martel.

She slowly began to undress to her tank top shirt and panties as the room was quite warm.

"You can get comfortable I know it is hot here."

"Sure no problem," smiled Alphonse removing his coat and gloves nervously.

"Look kid I have to be honest with you. Since I last saw you all I ever did was think of you. What you would look like, feel like and smell like. Now that you are here I want to know what that is like."

"So do I, Marta."

Marta sat in Alphonse's lap and kissed him deep and hard. So good to taste the warm mouth he had ached for. Her breasts were hard and pressed against his chest as they slowly grinded aching for one another.

She removed her top exposing her hard breasts. Alphonse took one in his mouth and began to suck her hard nipples hungry. Good. So fucking good he thought as he sucked harder trying to produce milk from them. He felt her body under her panties and found her wetness. It was the most incredible feeling he ever felt and slowly rubbed her panties making them wetter.

Marta undressed Al as he continued to nurse her heavenly breasts till his chest was bare and she pressed close against him feeling each other's hearts beat hard and strong. They kissed long and hard both wanting and needing each other.

“Marta, I want you,” replied Alphonse through their breathless kisses. “I lied to you I have been looking for you for the past five years.”

She stopped kissing him and got up walking over to the only window in the room and looked out.

"Al why would you even want me? I am older, I certainly am not a virgin besides everything I have been through ..."

"Like what?"

"Al, what would you want with a whore like me?”

“Marta you are not a whore …”

“Al do you know what they do to military prisoners?"

"Yes of course. I remember the story you told me how they turned you into a chimera and they tested on you and ..."

"They fucking raped me Al! They all took their turns with me all the men in the lab and any officer who wanted his thrills. I was naked all the time and beaten and raped practically daily Al. It wasn't until Greed came along and took care of me that my life became normal again."

"I'm sorry I didn't know ..."

"Greed loved me and I was his woman. He may have been a homunculus and greedy as all hell but he treated me with respect and loved me and I loved him. That is why I wanted to follow him when he went into Dante's mansion and you refused to let me go."

"It was because I got used to you being inside me and I cared for you."

"I know that now but you have to understand Al, Greed was my life. When he died my life was over. Except I kept running into you and your obnoxious brother and I felt needed and wanted once again. It was when things got too messy that I disappeared before that freak Bradley could find me again.”

“So that is why you left. It wasn’t because of me.”

“It was never because of you. You were like me Al a freak and for those times when I was inside your armor I felt safe, warm and happy. You protected me even though you had just met me. You didn’t judge me and that is why I never forgot you.”

“I fell in love with you and I have wanted no one since the day I met you. But until I had a human body I couldn’t be with you.”

“Al you are young. Besides I cannot have any children Al. When I was raped repeatedly at Lab 5 I had gotten pregnant a couple of times and the abortions they did on me, well, I just can't."

"Isn't it enough to just want to be with you and love you?"

"Is it?"

"For me it is."

He walked up to her and put his arms around her body. It was soft and smooth. He kissed her neck as his bare chest pressed against her bare back. He was a whole head taller than her and she was just the right size.

“Please,” he sighed.

Taking his hand they went to her bed shedding their remaining clothes. She kissed his strong chest and worked her way down his chest to his now protruding cock and slowly began to suck him.

This was a new sensation for Alphonse as he was still a virgin, well except for his numerous jack offs in the bathroom that didn’t technically count. He grabbed onto the sheets of the bed as she continued stroking his hard cock with his warm inviting mouth.

“Haa …ahh … nnhh…”

“I take it you like?”

“Ye, oh yes … very much, thank you.”

Smiling she tongued his slit that was filled with pre cum and began to drink down his hot juice.

“Mmmm … I want more,” she growled as she milked Al’s head slowly and seductively.
“Anything … aaahhh … just … don’t stop,” cried Al as he tried to resist thrusting his hips to her intoxicating sucks.

She arched her mouth as she took his huge hard cock deep inside her throat long and slow. She repeated this several times slowly until she quickened her pace driving Al to indescribable heights of pleasure. It wasn’t long before he came spilling deep down her throat as she drunk hungrily sucking him dry.

“You are a virgin.”

“How did you know?”

“Are you sure you want me to be your first?”

“Positive,” smiled Al as his hands touched her naked body once again finding her wetness.

She lay back on the bed opening herself to him eagerly as he explored the first and only pussy he had ever desired. Knowing he would be curious she let him take his time knowing it would be pleasurable.

Al began his new adventure by rubbing the soft wet hairless lips that were beginning to puff from his touch. Opening those lips he found the soft pink skin and hard clit showing her arousal. He rubbed the hard clit that made his lover moan in pleasure noting this to be an important point of arousal in a woman.

He wanted to taste her. He opened he legs and then parted her lips so his tongue could trace the warm wet slit that was intoxicating. He was so entranced by the feel and taste this simple task lasted longer than she had anticipated making her close to the brink for the first time.

“Al, oh Al,” she moaned as she slowly dripped her juice into his mouth.

The taste was sweet and bitter at the same time and he wanted more. He found her opening and entered his tongue slowly feeling the incredible warmth inside. He stroked her slowly in and out to the sounds of her moaning. She touched her clit and began to rub it while Alphonse slowly tongue fucked her pussy.

The heat they both provided was intoxicating as she soon released her juice into her eager lover screaming his name in the heat of passion.

Cleaning and licking her dry Alphonse was in heaven. He didn’t want to stop tasting the delicious sweetness that was Marta. He kissed he way back to her hard breasts suckling them and rubbing them once again. They were so soft, and so very delicious.

“I want you now,” she cried as she flipped him on his back and mounted his hard red cock.

He gasped as he entered her warmth that was both inviting and new. He watched as she threw her head back and rode his hard thick cock long and deep. He was everything she desired and more. His soft hands held onto her hips as he thrust deeper and deeper into her wet pussy aching for more.

Her breasts were full and nipples hard as she toyed with them seductively while he watched. She was good and delicious. Exactly what he wanted and needed. He was glad he waited for her. Only she was worthy to take his virginity.

She took a breast and licked a nipple as they continued their lustful ride prompting Al to find her wet clit and rub it in slow circles making her writhe in pleasure above him.

“Yes my baby fuck me nice and good, own me,” she cried as Alphonse stroked faster and deeper as they both came in a scream of passion and heat.


Lying in the afterglow they kissed slowly as their bodies still intertwined with one another. He rubbed her wetness softly, claiming her for his own.

“Alphonse, I …”

“Marta, please stay with me. I love you.”

“I love you too,” she cried kissing her newfound love feeling safe and secure in the armor of Alphonse Elric once again.


So close no matter how far
couldn't be much more from the heart
forever trusting who we are
and nothing else matters

never opened myself this way
life is ours, we live it our way
all these words I don't just say
and nothing else matters

trust I seek and I find in you
every day for us something new
open mind for a different view
and nothing else matters

never cared for what they do
never cared for what they know
but I know

so close no matter how far
couldn't be much more from the heart
forever trusting who we are
no nothing else matters

The End
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